Jimmy Peru

My name is James Neenan and I’m a resident of Denver, Colorado. I read, write, and teach English to high-school students.

I started Book Guy Reviews as a home for my rants, raves, and occasional reviews of the novels and texts I read throughout the year.

Be sure to follow, and check back frequently for new and updated content. I publish em’ as I finish em’!

35 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. not sure why this keeps happening but I click follow on your blog then a few days later, it looks like i’m not following you so I have to click follow again. Apologies. I must be doing something wrong but I have yet to figure out why this keeps happening.


    • Oh my gosh! I totally changed it to the home page and forgot! So sorry! Just look at the home page and email your submission to (bookguysubmissions@gmail). It’s simple enough.

      So sorry for the confusion!!!


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