Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Safran Foer’s multi-facted prose is unlike anything else out there (except maybe House of Leavesbut that’s a different story altogether).

Utilizing an array of textual devices ranging from the pictographic imagery of words as pictures (no clue what to call that one) and a stunning collection of photographs meant to draw the reader through the story itself–Safran Foer manages to create a story that is both gut-wrenching and timelessly unique.

We follow 9-year-old Oscar Schell as he pursues clues surrounding a key left to him by his recently deceased father. What ensues is a tour of NYC and a glimpse into the lives of numerous characters and figures (both good and bad) providing Oscar with a sense of closure surrounding his recently deceased.

Foer is a master in conveying the truth that at the essence of language is humanity–that we are stories, and our stories are nothing more than extensions of ourselves. Yes–this book covers that in gorgeous detail…

Forget the film, and go read the book. One of the best to have been published in the last decade and something entirely original in and of itself.

It makes me happy to know that this was on the bestseller list…

6 thoughts on “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

  1. I’ve read it twice but wasn’t quite as gaga the second time around. I think if we had been allowed to follow ONLY Oscar’s story I would love it more. I felt there was a bit too much detail into the story of his grandparents, which although interesting to read, sort of took away from the fact that Oscar Schell is such an amazing character.
    Maybe I should I read it again!


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