Welcome to Book Guy Reviews!

Interested in great book, music, movie reviews, and musings, Book Guy Reviews has it all!

Check back regularly for updated reviews, musings, and the occasional bit of wisdom!

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27 thoughts on “Welcome to Book Guy Reviews!

  1. Hi James.

    Thanks for the Like and the Comment on my post ‘horrors of literary snobbery’. As you can see, I’m returning the favour! Really like the look of your site, I enjoy a good book review (have learnt the hard way to never upload a book without one) You’re performing a public duty 🙂

    What a small world it truly is, well, it is over here in Cheshire at any rate (though also very green).

    Cheers, JD Richardson

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  2. Hi, Book Guy. Thanks for stopping by to post a comment on my blog. I’m following your blog. Sounds interesting 🙂 If you enjoy movies, music, and books (looks like you do!) I invite you to follow my blog. Have a beautiful week! ~ Laurie


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